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Microchat: The ultimate guide to building an education chatbot

Chatbots in education: How Microchat chatbot can help children learn anything in a more personalized and interactive way Epic Coding Team leveraged a chatbot platform from Microchat.io and built a program help children to enjoy more personalized and interactive learning

photo by Daniel Korpai

Chatbot’s role in DT (Digital Transformation)

Most companies are still in the early stages of their digital transformation journey, and chatbot technology can play a big role in helping them get there. Digital transformation is inevitable in today’s business landscape. In order to stay ahead of

Case Study – Epic Coding Studio

We recently worked on a project launching an Edutech product teaching tweens (9-12) how to code. STEM is a hot topic in early education sectors and coding is even hotter thanks to growing demands from the tech market. Epic Coding