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Microchat: The ultimate guide to building an education chatbot

Chatbots in education: How Microchat chatbot can help children learn anything in a more personalized and interactive way Epic Coding Team leveraged a chatbot platform from Microchat.io and built a program help children to enjoy more personalized and interactive learning

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Chatbot’s role in DT (Digital Transformation)

Most companies are still in the early stages of their digital transformation journey, and chatbot technology can play a big role in helping them get there. Digital transformation is inevitable in today’s business landscape. In order to stay ahead of

Case Study – Epic Coding Studio

We recently worked on a project launching an Edutech product teaching tweens (9-12) how to code. STEM is a hot topic in early education sectors and coding is even hotter thanks to growing demands from the tech market. Epic Coding

Marketing companion with chatbot

Running a business, especially a brick-and-mortar one, without a digital presence is no longer feasible. Consumers use the internet for everything from product research to finding out where a business is located and operation hours. Even a simple, well-designed website

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How to boost conversational support with a chatbot

It’s hard to offer customer support when you have a lot of customers. Some people just don’t want to call, and that’s why many businesses are switching from phone-based support to online chat. When users need help, they want to

chatbot in ecommerce

Chatbots in Ecommerce

In the business of eCommerce, chatbots are nothing new. The popularity of chatbots is due to the rapid advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, AI-enabled chatbots grow more intelligent. They can use what

Ultimate AI support experiences

The Ultimate AI Support Experience: Chatbot + LiveChat

When customers expect a business to be available 24/7, it’s not always possible. But chatbots are the closest candidates that can help end this problem. When you maintain continuous communication between your customer and yourself at any time of day