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At Microchat, we believe the best way to build trust with customers is through customer engagement. Our AI solutions enables brands of all sizes to get connected with customers and improve customer relationship, increase sales and boost lead generation. Join

Finding the Perfect Chatbot Platform

With so many chatbot platforms available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Before selecting, clearly define your goals and target audience. Here are some of criteria you can run against to further define your goals. As we

Welcoming a New Era in Customer Experience with Generative AI

Meet Microchat AI – The AI-Powered Conversational CX Platform Customer experience is crucial in today’s highly competitive landscape, but delivering excellent CX can be challenging. Microchat makes it easy with its industry-leading conversational AI platform. But let’s be honest, chatbots

Transform Your Customer Engagement with Custom AI Chatbots or AI automation!

Exciting news! After much success building chatbots for small and medium enterprises, we at Microchat is pivoting our offerings to help accelerate the digital journey for small and medium businesses with AI automation. As an AI-first agency model, we understand

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How to boost conversational support with a chatbot

It’s hard to offer customer support when you have a lot of customers. Some people just don’t want to call, and that’s why many businesses are switching from phone-based support to online chat. When users need help, they want to

Ultimate AI support experiences

The Ultimate AI Support Experience: Chatbot + LiveChat

When customers expect a business to be available 24/7, it’s not always possible. But chatbots are the closest candidates that can help end this problem. When you maintain continuous communication between your customer and yourself at any time of day