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In the business of eCommerce, chatbots are nothing new. The popularity of chatbots is due to the rapid advancement of technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, AI-enabled chatbots grow more intelligent. They can use what they’ve learned from earlier conversations to support their consumers if they need it.

Chatbots are used in 85 % of client contacts, according to Gartner. Furthermore, the majority of consumers appreciate the ability to ask questions immediately rather than having to wait to speak with a live person, as Nielsen found in a survey that revealed 56 % of online customers prefer an automated chat to a phone or email.


If you want to use a chatbot in your eCommerce to improve customer support, keep in mind that these systems demand precise and organized product content.

The quality of product information is essential to the success or failure of a business’s eCommerce operation. Smart sellers understand how important it is to get this info right, and they also know that even just one little error can cost them big time

How ECommerce Businesses benefit from chatbots?

It is no longer a secret that the answers to simple questions about goods are relevant. For example, if you want to get information about your new iPhone 7, just ask Siri or Cortana and you will find out all the necessary details.

It’s not surprising that customers want to get in touch with customer service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Chatbots provide a more convenient alternative for simple inquiries, but they can also connect frustrated online shoppers with live agents who are better equipped to answer complex questions about the products you sell when necessary.

The best part is these chat-based interactions won’t cost your company nearly what it would take to hire people on staff 24/7 because software developers will be able to create automated bots that do most of the work!

Artificial Intelligence is the new customer service champion. By using a good chatbot system on your online store, you can achieve improvements in performance and create an even better user experience while shopping. Here are some of the benefits of using chatbots:

• Create instant connections with customers
• Endless opportunities for one-on-one interactions
• Provide a better customer experience
• Convenient, mobile chat solution is available 24/7
• Asynchronous chat window increases customer conversation rates by up to 20%.
• Reduces wait and response time while eliminating expensive phone calls.
• Conversations with customers happen even when staff is unavailable which means fewer resources expenditure.
• Provides the ability to get the same information from a few chats rather than having to call multiple times.

Chatbots for eCommerce are recommended to be used in one of two ways: quickly resolving customer queries or simply displaying pop-up windows. Chatbot packages range from simple and easy-to-configure systems, which you may use if your chatbot is not intended to do anything more than these tasks

The best chatbot for an eCommerce will depend on the purpose it serves. Simple and easy configuration means that a bot can either resolve quick questions customers have with ease or display popup windows suggesting a conversation starter like “How’s your day?” The choice depends largely on what kind of functionality they require out of their bots.


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