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We recently worked on a project launching an Edutech product teaching tweens (9-12) how to code. STEM is a hot topic in early education sectors and coding is even hotter thanks to growing demands from the tech market.

Epic Coding Club (epiccodingclub.com) recently launched https://epiccodingstudio.com project allowing anyone to create a code (JavaScript) out of an online IDE. Once you sign up you will have an access to a series of lessons to learn about how to do the fun-filled javascript coding project.

This is not block-based coding, an actual script-based coding lesson targeted at a younger audience, anyone between 9 to 18.

This can be a great addition to your children’s after-school activities or summer camp program.

The epic team put together a FREE 4 sessions for kids to try out and also they can also sign up for the more mature program.

Each week they get a unique code to type into the chatbot so that chatbot brings you a new lesson plan.

This is the most engaging experience kids interact with chatbots in a very streamlined way.

Also, Scratch or other block-based coding is sometimes easily bored after numerous tries but script-based coding will never dry out its fun and creativity.

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