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Microchat started in late 2022 when COVID-19 was winding down across the nations. Microchat’s mission was to help small/mid-size businesses simplify their repetitive tasks, including answering customer inquiries about their products/services or capturing new leads from their digital web or mobile.


When we started to support a small number of customers, we realized that we could be in a better position to keep clients as we could help only 6 out of 10 requests. We slowly built consulting arms to support clients outside of the contexts of Microsoft’s SaaS domain and provide chatbot solutions based on any platform to address customer’s needs.


Microchat’s consulting division was created out of these needs, and we are watching the unprecedented landscape changes in the business world with AI. This is a golden age of AI where businesses must genuinely step up to equip; otherwise, you might already find yourself behind.


The key is that every business needs to find a unique brand color with the help of digital engines like AI. AI is not poised to take our jobs or customers. Still, it has given us opportunities to upscale how we play business games. How we ride on the right track provides a business with leverage and advantage.


Are you ready to ride the way of the AI revolution?


Microchat AI consulting agency specializes in conversational AI, but we are not limited to chatbots. We consult on business automation from IVR, Search, or AI domains where customers are looking for answers to better handle mundane tasks.


Is your small support team struggling with the contact deflect ratio?

* Do you need to be more effective in converting leads from site visitors?

* Do you need help with many employee inquiries from the internal HR web portal?

* Are your reps not providing personalized recommendations promptly for conversion  in time?


You are on the right spot. Microchat AI agency will help you to choose the right chatbot platform, implement, fine tune the bots for your business scenarios and provide right metrics to measure for successful outcomes.



Are you ready to stay ahead from competition? 



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