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Meet Microchat AI – The AI-Powered Conversational CX Platform

Customer experience is crucial in today’s highly competitive landscape, but delivering excellent CX can be challenging. Microchat makes it easy with its industry-leading conversational AI platform.

But let’s be honest, chatbots haven’t always been the smoothest conversational partners. In the past, they were stuck in their programmed scripts, like robots on a pre-recorded loop. They couldn’t keep up with the flow of a natural conversation, and anything outside their limited knowledge felt like hitting a brick wall. This left everyone feeling a bit lost and frustrated, bouncing between different channels just to get a simple answer.

But then came ChatGPT, a game-changer from OpenAI in late 2022! It opened the door to a whole new level of customer experience – one that felt natural, helpful, and actually enjoyable. Here at Micochat AI, we jumped at the chance to integrate this advanced language technology, GPT-4, into our AI solutions. It’s like giving our native AI a superpower boost, letting us build products and features that truly understand and support our customers. The feature is posed to be launched early 2024.

So, goodbye awkward chatbot dance, hello smooth and seamless conversation! We’re excited to see what we can achieve together with this powerful technology, and we can’t wait to share the amazing experiences it unlocks for everyone.

It also injects a bit of personality and enthusiasm to make the message more engaging.

Microchat enables brands to have natural conversations with customers at scale across web, in-app, messaging platforms and contact centers. Its advanced NLP and deep learning algorithms power automated resolutions and intelligent routing to agents when needed.

Microchat also offers seamless integrations with contact center and CRM systems. They have reduced case resolution times by 50%, increased CSAT scores and unlocked new self-service revenue streams.

The no-code environment makes it easy to build, test and launch AI-driven conversational apps without dependency on data scientists. With versatile deployment options and usage-based pricing, Microchat is accessible for companies of all sizes.

As Andrew A, CEO at Microchat puts it: “Microchat makes conversational AI truly realistic and scalable for any brand to deploy. We are democratizing next-gen CX with an all-in-one platform for automating conversations.”

With Microchat, brands can now confidently adopt AI for customer communications instead of viewing it as a complex, risky investment. The future of CX is here.

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